Monday, November 17, 2008

A Box of Dreams

Change isn't coming
It has already arrived

I'm caught up in it
carried away by it
It's all here before me
rushing into this rapidly fading room
It's a Hurricane
knocking me off balance
tossing me in all directions

Oh, Winds of Change,
Won't you please take me somewhere new?
Where rainbows can be touched
Where hope is a snowcapped mountain
Where dreams are concrete sidewalks that never end

I don't want to make
the same mistakes
I did last time

I want this time
to be different
for not just me
but everyone around me

God grant me the courage
to be myself
to love myself
to forgive myself
to stand up for myself
to think of others beside myself

I've traveled too many of these dark pathways before
fallen down those same holes again and again
trapped in silver snares of my own design
creatures that snap and chew and tear
and never release

But I can fight them
with my box of dreams
tiny but intricately carved
in the palm of my hand
it contains no less
than everything
that is
and anything
that could ever be

The trick is not only opening it
But in coaxing them out
Giving these dreams of mine wings
setting them free

In them
I am

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