Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Orange Outrage and a few Shots


Round and speckled fiend!
Shoot me in the eye will you?
Stain my best shirt?
I'll not have you ruin my morning
with your pompous sections and bitter exterior!
I know just how to slice the likes of you.
After all, you go so well
squeezed into a tall glass.

Stupid Orange

What good are you to me?
Nothing rhymes with you.
No wonder there are no songs about you.
You should really change your name.
Maybe orangee - it's just an extra "e".
Think about it.

Past the poetry, on another note, I had my first three shots tonight - all natural ginseng empowered sake. Can't say it tasted awesome, but still, it was interesting watching me convulse like it was cough medicine. I didn't know why people do it, but after the warm rush and the giggles popping out of me like popcorn, I think I can see why. Dunno why I thought so badly of it. In moderation it's a nice way to spend an evening with two good friends.

Cheers to good writing and good friends! May we unscrew our convulted stories and create something others will also enjoy!

These poems are for Faith and Chris, thanks for empowering me to believe in myself. And for the record, Joanie is a good writer. :)

- /^>