11 & Counting

An Urban Fantasy about family, tradition, and also some water dragons.
Every year since he was a boy Andrew has been forced to spend the summer at his Aunt Jenna's farm. This year he's going to discover his family is anything but normal, and that he has an important duty. Is he ready for such a weighty responsibility? Does he even believe any of this is happening to him?

In case you missed an episode, here they are in order. You can also navigate forwards from any chapter.

#1 Aunt Jenna's Present - Another boring summer... at least until Andrew receives his birthday present.

#2 Reality Checks Out - Is this real? Is it an elaborate prank? All Andrew knows is something is about to change.

#3 The Hatching - The mysterious egg finally hatches.

#4 Family Tree, Part 1 - Aunt Jenna tells a fairy tale, but she claims it's true. Andrew isn't so sure.

#5 Family Tree, Part 2 - Aunt Jenna's story concludes with the secret about their family.

#6 The Secret of the Lake - Aunt Jenna leads Andrew to the Family's Dragon Den.

#7 Into the Dragon's Den - Andrew can't hold his breath forever. Will he make it to the Den?

#8 Meet the Family - Andrew meets his quirky dragon relatives.

#9 The Promise & The Stranger - It's hard enough to keep his new family a secret, without a stranger causing trouble too.

#10 Boundaries - Will Andrew keep to the boundaries, or is something beckoning him?

#11 Secret Friends - Andrew makes a friend that he must keep a secret.

#12 The Counting Ceremony - Andrew discovers more about his new family.

#13 The Great Gulariss Barbeque -  The celebration continues, but Duke has a task for Andrew.

#14 The Girl Who Loved Dragon Ball - Andrew plays a new game and makes a new friend as well.
#15 The Fog Descends - A fog descends on the farm, but Andrew is unaware of the danger lurking. (New!)

#16 Lost and Found - (Coming Soon!)