Last One Standing Tall

A Fantasy-Western serial about finding the hope inside us, even in the darkest storm.

All the soil has gone bad, wiping out all but one of the mystical Xylem, the plant-like people of the Green Mountains. Reed finds himself alone in a world that has forgotten his people. Faced with such heartache can he stand tall and find something worth living for?

In case you missed an episode, here they are in order. You can also navigate forwards from any chapter.

#1 The Last Seed of Xylem - Overcome with despair, Reed prepares himself for the end. Or is this a beginning?

#2 Welcome Wagon - The human town isn't as welcoming as Reed hoped.

#3 Good Night, Mr. Reinheart - Reed stumbles onto his first real lead to why the soil has turned bad.

#4 Good As New - Reed gets a present, but there's trouble on the horizon.

#5 Chasing Tornadoes - As if Reinheart's gang wasn't bad enough, now the weather is shifting unnaturally.

#6 Big Trouble in Wheatfield - This ghost town is hiding something.

#7 A Lack of Trust - Reed must prove his loyalty before it's too late.

#8 The Handshake - Can Reed rise to the Sheriff's challenge?

#9 Gunslinging 101 - Reed learns a couple lessons he'll never forget.

#10 Gunslinging 201 - Reed gets his first guns.

#11 The Iron Windmills - Reed discovers why the women and children were being taken.

#12 Tornado Tower - Reed witnesses the power of the tower and the man within it.

#13 Mines of Misery - The odds are against his escape, but Reed refuses to give up.

#14 Breakthrough - Is there good soil beyond their prison? Can Reed reach it in time? (NEW!)

#15 Blaze of Glory - Either Reed saves everyone or he'll die trying. (Coming Soon)