Monday, December 13, 2010

"The Girl who Loved Dragon Ball" - 11 & Counting

Part 14: "The Girl Who Loved Dragon Ball"

Andrew slowed down as he neared the other children wading into the water near the shore, unsure of what to say or how to join in a game he definitely didn't understand. He watched the sparkling ball about the size of a kickball, which resembled a shiny pearl being butted back and forth between the gularisses and the humans. Even Showa, the koi-like gulariss that had seemed so shy before was caught up in the excitement. He butted it to his caudal fin and then slapped it high into the air, spinning so fast all of the water that flew off rained down like a sudden shower.

Finally he couldn't hold it in. He really wanted for once to join in on something.

"Viola!" He called out loudly, cupping his hands to be heard over their cheering.

The purple gulariss turned her head towards him, bounding over excitedly, "Hey Everybody! Andrew's here!"

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Mines of Misery" - Last One Standing Tall

A fantasy-western serial

Episode 13: "Mines of Misery"

"You see, that's what happens to heroes around here, Mr. Reed," Reinheart said, almost apologetically, "They get shot."

Reinheart's next shot missed him as Reed leapt from the chair. He barely dodged it, snapping his torso into an arc so the bullet passed under. He swung down his fist as Reinheart came at him. Reed had never felt full of such emotion before, it filled him with a fire that seemed to burn only stronger, regardless of the pain in his gunshot wounds. Reinheart caught Reed's fist. Reed struggled to pry the gun from Reinheart's fingers but Reinheart shoved him up against the wall, banging Reed's injured shoulder into the displayed weapons, knocking some of them free from the wall to the floor. With a jerk he kicked the open wound at Reed's knee and jammed his gun barrel hard against his pale green jaw.

"Too bad. Gunslingers don't win on guts alone," Reinheart said and then grinned as he pulled the trigger. A hollow click sounded. A growl rumbled in Reinheart's throat as his eyes darted back and forth between his gun and Reed's face. Reed only radiated more raw emotion, his teeth clenched in rage and pain.