Friday, March 12, 2010

Due Date: June 30th

An email from Chris Baty - founder of - spurred me on to set a launch date (as it were, pun intended) for my space pirates novel.

I've already announced it elsewhere but I'm going to work very hard to ensure that "Rad Savage Wins Against the Universe (Sometimes)" is available in print format from through CreateSpace by June 30th.

I think giving myself a reasonable deadline will be a good way to spur me on to finish this novel. After a number of setbacks I'm finally seeing that I do have the ability to do this and I'm enjoying this draft even more than the first.

I had to do an emergency restart - so this is draft 3 now - but I took out the one unnecessary main character, re-worked the plot (taking out some rather concidental plot devices) and given Rad and Chase clearer direction. The planet Droodspawn plays a much more background role - and one I might return to a la Terry Pratchett if enough people want to see me do more with that particular idea.

God grant me the courage to keep going to the finish line and write my best!

Love to all,

- Joanie /^>

Monday, March 8, 2010

Letting Go - A poem

Once you were my everything.
My world revolved around your light.
I drank up your words and praise
you were the purest nectar
you gave me life
you brought me unimaginable happiness

But I didn't notice
your light was flickering, fading,
I was draining you
I was clinging too tightly
tugging at your heart
clenching it tightly between my fingers

I was cowardly,
Afraid to let you go
afraid you would fly away
and never return
afraid that my heart would die
without you
that without your light
I would fall into the deepest darkness

I had never seen that I also had a light
And that you loved it as much as I loved yours

Once we had both given this light,
it was beautiful because
we had shared our warmth
keeping each other warm

but time had passed
and now we were now fighting over it
rationing it
divying it up like so many silver coins
spilling them in the process
slipping through our fingers
we couldn't see what we had become

You were only a human like me
wanting light and warmth
needing love
we had started out so well
and then somehow we arrived at this
broken and angry
resentful and wishing for the past

I had to pull away before I dragged us further down
spiraling into an endless cycle
when I let go it was like tearing off a limb
my life force draining out

But now it has been a very long time

I stand at the shore
looking out at where I have come and where I am headed
and my thoughts turn to you

I have learned to live without you
I don't crave your light
It should always be yours
As I have my own

We may never meet again, but
I am thankful for what has happened
and I will never regret meeting you

you taught me so much

thank you

may the One who gives light bless you
more than you can ever imagine

letting go is hard
but in the end
it is the right thing to do

I hope you can forgive me too