Short Stories

Collected together on a single page for your convenience! This is a master list for all of my weekly short fiction that I write on Fridays as part of the #FridayFlash community. If you're not sure what #FridayFlash is all about, or you would like to join in the fun yourself, check out the offical #FridayFlash page.

1.) "Ninjas Love Coffee" (April 2010)
Genre: Modern/Anime
Can the student teach the teacher?

2.) "Heartburn" (May 2010)
Genre: Romance
All's fair in love and taco trucks

3.) "The Last Flight" (May 2010)
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
A young boy's dream might bring his ultimate end.

4.) "The Stupid Tea Party" (May 2010)
Genre: Children's Lit
Can MaryJane and her stuffed fairy porpoise survive a girly tea party?

5.) "Guy's Worst Nightmare" (May 2010)
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy
What's worse than a nightmare? More than one.

6.) "Miracle Man" (June 2010)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Mike can help everyone but himself.

7.) The Highest Score (June 2010)
Genre: Romance
Jess defends her highest score against an evil invader.

8.) Homecoming (June 2010)
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Jenevieve must escape at all costs.

9.) Love After Death (June 2010)
Genre: Horror/Romance
Will Cindy find real love this time around?

10.) The Short Life of a Biscuiteer (July 2010)
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
Dana discovers the truth about the job she desires the most.

11.) Good Mothers (July 2010)
Genre: Slice of Life
Good mothers never misplace their children... or do they?