Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted for Obama

The Blue Vote

A bucket of blue paint
has spilled across our nation,
joining us together.

We have come forward!
We have voted!
We have decided!

A New Hope is dawning!
Tears are falling!
Change is coming!

Let's stick together!
Let's work together!
We'll get out of this together!

God Bless us,
The Young and Old,
The Right and Left,
The White and Black,
And everything inbetween!

Today history is made.
I'm proud to be an American,
Awaiting the future,
Whatever it might be.

Words can't express how awesome a night this is. I woke up this morning feeling something rising in the air. I felt so confident throughout the whole day and now I know why. Instinct was telling me just how pivitol today would be. I can't believe it's happened in my lifetime! An African American President! As someone who studied African American History in college, this is so amazing. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be in a class like that now. To experience history in the making!

I'm glad to be able to look back on this day and tell my kids, "I voted for Obama." Having started out as a Republican - and now being Moderate for some time, I can say this is a new time for me as well. I'm shedding the old and embracing the new. I know no one's perfect, and Obama is bound to make some mistakes, but we're all only human. And I believe in the hope of the future and that no matter what, God will continue to bless our nation.

God Bless Obama and God Bless the USA!

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