Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Poems

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow!

I know it may look tasty
sitting there along the sidewalk
but trust me- it ain't lemony-sweet.

March of the Snow People

Snow people have rights too!
We don't say it, but you can see it in our eyes
Black as coal.

We're tired of being dressed up
Paraded as second-class citizens
Melted in the prime of life!

Snowmen unite! Snowladies too!
Snowbabes rise up and grab a shovel!
We're marching on Antartica!

We'll make a new country.
Our own country.
A snow country!

And with our corncob pipes,
and button noses held high,
We'll never fear the sun again!

Ice Ain't so Nice

Listen up, kids!
Adults don't really hate the snow.
They hate the ice.
Sliming up the ground,
Making their cars spin around,
Clogging up windows and doors,
Slowing their going to places,
Having to crunch and scrape with
Fingers frozen to the bone,
Wishing they could stay home with you,
Instead of running to work late,
Where even icier glares wait.

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