Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let the Nightcrafting Begin!

You're probably asking yourself why someone so happy-go-lucky and peppy as me (should you know me in real life) chose such a dark name and such for my writing blog.

The main reason is that I tend to be a writing creature of the night. I tend to create best late at night when the world is blanketed in darkness and quiet with only a few dim lights and the glowing screen of my computer to guide me. Most of my best ideas and writings come from the late hours of the evening.

Also the fact that as a writer I am both a creator and a destroyer. I have the power to create new life and along with that comes the power to snuff it out. Something I never take lightly. After all stories would be boring if everyone got along and no one died and the world was made of candy and it rained kittens... well maybe not the last part, but you get my point, I'm sure. :)

So let it begin! The nightly journaling of whatever I feel like writing. I dunno if any of this will spawn anything bigger than this journal, but you never know what happens when you open the door to your imagination...

... because anything could come out.

~ Joanie /^>

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