Sunday, January 2, 2011

Writing Goals from 2010 & for 2011

It's January once again, so it's time to think about what I'd like to do better this year. Most people call them resolutions, but I'm going to call mine goals since "resolutions" tend to be abandoned as soon as February rolls around.

But first, an update on where I was last year at this time:

2010 Writing Goals:
- Experience "a year of creativity and growth"
- Finish "Home Run Sonic" (this one has been lingering since '02)
- Finish 2nd Draft of Rad novel (NaNoWriMo 2009 novel)
- Finish 1st Draft of Dreamshapers novel
- Work on some more fan fiction

With the exception of finishing the 2nd Draft for Rad and the 1st Draft for Dreamshapers, I was able to complete the rest of them. All things considered, that's great improvement.

First off, the biggest one was finally finishing "Home Run Sonic" - a fan fic that I had left unfinished since 2002 - and hadn't touched since 2005. This story was haunting me, taunting me that I never finished it,  and was actually interfering with my ability to finish other stories. Every time I would get close I would think:

Well this could end up like "Home Run Sonic" - and didn't I say every year I would finish it and then not do it? Who's to say I won't do that with this project?

It was defeatist thinking and now I know that was just the negative programming in me talking, trying to bring me down and disqualifying all the positive things that I had done for myself. Having finally finished that story (be it good, bad, or ugly) I can now put it behind me and continue to move forward. Perhaps it means nothing to anyone who happens to read this, but to me it was a major stumbling block and crumbling that writer's block has brought me such an intense joy that it's hard to describe.

As for the other goals, I'm happy to report that Rad Savage Wins Against the Universe (Sometimes) is midway through the 2nd Draft - and I will be returning to finish as soon as I complete the manuscript for Medina Harper, Monster Doctor. My Dreamshapers novel needs a complete rewrite along with a complete outline - which was the problem I kept running into. I was trying to write straight ahead, and it really needed to be planned out. This was the first year I was able to create an outline and stick to it. I've had a lot of writing growth just from that, and it was also a big hurdle for me to overcome because I was such a stickler for "making up as you go" writing - which can be good for brainstorming, but not enough to sustain for a novel until you learn the basic rules of where plot points should go. Short format runs a bit different in that respect, because I feel I do know the general flow well as evidenced by my shorts. I still have much to learn there too, which is really encouraging to me as I feel like I've made a ton of improvement already. Creativity-wise, 2010 was a year of bright fire for me! I've been having so many ideas it's hard to keep them altogether. I was particularly pleased with Medina and her novel and also my two serials, Last One Standing Tall and 11 & Counting. Both of them have been a source of inspiration and exploration of my imagination. I love writing them.

Bearing all of that in mind, here are my writing goals for 2011:
  • Either continue or complete both of my serials: Last One Standing Tall and 11 & Counting
  • Complete rough draft of Medina Harper, Monster Doctor
  • Complete 2nd draft of Rad Savage Wins Against the Universe (Sometimes)
  • Finish "Every band has its break-up" (Sonic Underground fan fiction)
  • Start and complete another [short] AoStH fan fic
  • Complete a rough outline for Dreamshapers novel

Given I have 363 days left to complete each of these tasks, I believe I'm up to the challenge.

** A note on NaNoWriMo 2011: This year I'm probably not going to compete in NaNoWriMo because I already have three novels that need my attention. As soon as I finish them, I will be ready to start on a new one. Although I still want to be involved encouraging new writers to complete NaNo like I did this year with my growth group. I'm pleased to report that we had six writers (including me!) cross the 50K mark! To celebrate our victories we all went out to The Melting Pot for fondue and fun.

Overall I have to say I'm really pleased by what I was able to accomplish in 2010. I started a new novel, two serial novels and was able to write thirteen short stories. I also started a new fan fic and finished an old one. I even dabbled in some poetry (including one haiku that won a $50 gift certificate to Gameworks!).

I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store! Bring it!

- Joanie /^>

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