Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Look and a Novel Update

After seeing what some of my fellow #FridayFlash friends have done with their blogs, I decided that "Nightcrafter" was definitely a few years overdue for a new site update. This time around I'm getting rid of the all-black look for something much easier to read with better contrast. I saw a lot of people saying it's easier to read without the black and after a few days of trying out this new template, I have to agree. I went with something a little old-west-victorian-esque because I'm a huge fan of SteamPunk in general and it's not too distracting from the writing itself. :)

In more important news, I'm about half-way through the third-draft thanks to some great feedback from my two devoted beta readers. Due to recent life-events (including a promotion at my job and my little brother moving in) I got behind in my original launch schedule. I should be ready to release during Fall 2010 though - and I'm still going with Amazon's CreateSpace due to all the good reports I've heard from fellow NaNoWriMo authors. I'm considering using the "free-copy" to print my first-draft just for my own sake, to put on my shelf to remind me of why I'm doing all of this... to write because I love storytelling. I'll post a pic if I end up doing that! It'll be fun to design the cover as well. I helped with a few children's book covers for one of my coworkers in LA and it was a blast!

Here's to more good things to come this year!

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