Friday, April 30, 2010

Ninjas Love Coffee

Kaze snuck across the tatami mats, his slippered feet making no sound. He clung tightly to the mug in his hands, cupping his hand over the opening so no steam escaped. He just had to cross his master's room and then he was home free to enjoy his cup of joe.

"KAZE-SAN!" Two hand-claps echoed as the lights snapped on.


He couldn't run now. He'd spill it and burn himself. He was caught. Again. Kaze turned and saw his master sitting cross-legged on his favorite cushion. Sensei sipped his tea and set his cup down on the table infront of him. He stroked his long beard.

"Hmmm... Is that my favorite mug?"


He frowned. "Bring it here, Kaze-san."

Kaze sighed and set the mug on a coaster Sensei managed to slip under it before he could blink.

"Sit." Kaze did, lowering his eyes. Here comes the lecture, he thought.

"True ninjas don't have time for coffee breaks, Kaze-san," his master said as he put his finger on the coaster, dragging the coffee mug until it was sitting next to his teacup. His eyes dared his pupil to try and take it back.

"C'mon, Sensei, it's just one cup."

"No. Recite the discipline of the Ninja."

He rolled his eyes. "A Ninja keeps his body, mind, and soul pure at all times."

"You should drink tea. It's good for you."

"I don't like te--" WHACK. Sensei set down his staff.

"Ridiculous. Stop spouting nonsense and drink your tea," he said, pouring a fresh cup from the teapot and setting it before him. The steam tickled Kaze's nose and its color also described how he felt: nauseous.

"Have you even tried coffee, Sensei? It's good."

"A ninja keeps his body clean."

"Coffee isn't a drug - and if you're going to say it has caffeine then Tea has it too you know. And even if that was the issue then I could just drink decaff instead."

"What is decaff?"

"As in de-caffeinated. There's no caffeine in it."

"Fascinating." WHACK. "Get back to your training, Kaze. If I catch you sneaking coffee again, you will be cleaning Daisuke's room for a month."

"Why can't Daisuke--" WHACK. "Fine. I'm going." And he did, out to the training field with the other students.

As soon as Kaze was gone, Sensei inspected his favorite mug. He frowned at the dark substance that was leaving an unsightly ring in it. He sniffed the steam once, then again. He had to admit the scent was not altogether unpleasing. He rubbed his finger against the ring and some of it came off. He tasted it. Hmm. Perhaps he would study the properties of this coffee. Yes, that sounded like a good idea.

Sensei enjoyed the cup of coffee immensely, smirking as he watched his students hard at work on the training ground.


  1. This is delightful! Ah, I know how Kaze feels... coffee might be the answer to world peace. :)

    Well written, and your characters are very clearly drawn.

    Nice job!

  2. The teacher taught... how can a Ninja function without a proper understanding of the use of coffee?!

    Love this - can really picture the scene, & especially Sensei's satisfied smirk at the end.

    SO good! :D

  3. Pretty funny. It is a poor teacher who cannot learn from his student. Sensei is obviously a good teacher. I wonder how he feels about hot chocolate?

    I added your story to the listing today. Sorry I did not see it sooner.

  4. I really enjoyed this peace of work. It really made me laugh and is extremely funny.


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